Job Search Workshops 

Workshop plus short 1-2-1 - Workshop plus a separate 1-2-1


Outplacement workshops

There are two main job search workshops we provide:

  • Full day including a short 1-2-1 - €795 
  • Full day with a separate 1-2-1 session - €1,400 for 8 delegates - €1,900 for 16 delegates (one hour of 1-2-1 support per person)

Job Search Workshop €795 accommodating up to 10 people

We have a highly effective full day workshop that covers all aspects of job hunting. During the day we include a short 1-2-1 session with the course leader, alternatively we provide a 1-2-1 session of 1 hour at a later date. Areas covered in the workshop include:  

  • CV guidance
  • Completing application forms effectively
  • Modern day and traditional job searching - CV databases, Job search engines, LinkedIn, recruitment agencies, networking, speculative approaches interview preparation - including practical exercises
  • Interview types: competency (behavioral) based interviews, value based interviews, CV interviews, common interview questions, background research, all areas of interviewing...

Built into the day is a short 1-2-1 individual session where attendees can receive personal CV critique / CV guidance but there is the option to provide more intense support at a later date - we recommend one hour of 1-2-1 time, but easily extended. For both, we include post workshop unlimited CV support delivered by the consultant to ensure attendee CV end up 'fit for purpose'.

When delivering to larger groups there is the option to deliver our full day workshop over 2 days

  • Day 1 AM - CV writing, application forms, job hunting to Group 1
  • Day 1 PM - CV writing, application forms, job hunting to Group 2
  • Day 2 AM - Interview technique to Group 1
  • Day 2 PM - Interview technique to Group 2

Support guides / On-line support internet site

Provided to support the workshops are two very comprehensive written guides:

  • The only job hunting guide you will ever need...!
  • The only interview guide you will ever need...!

The interview guide includes 270 interview questions with advice on preparing for them. In addition our on-line resource site has further support and guidance including videos on using the STAR technique and body language.

Telephone support

To further enhance our support to employees attending a job seeker workshop we can for an additional cost provide telephone support over 3 months at a cost of €85 per person being provided by the course leader. 

To contact us telephone: 01 254 2468 (internationally: +353 1 254 2468 ) or email:

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