1-2-1 Support Packages

1-2-1 Outplacement Support provided by HTR Outplacement Limited Dublin

€600 - Full Day 1-2-1 Outplacement Coaching or 10 hours of remote support taken in blocks of time over 6 months. Our support may help produce a CV from scratch, build up a job hunting action plan or help in interview preparation. Alternatively concentrate on transferable skills or self-employment - more details
Pathfinder Outplacement Packages.
  • €1,200 Pathfinder 2 - includes 2 face to face sessions and 6 months remote support
  • €1,695 Pathfinder 3 - includes 3 face to face sessions and 6 months remote support
  • €2,100 Pathfinder 4 - includes 4 face to face sessions and 6 months remote support
The packages are ideal support for individuals who need more ongoing help and guidance as they re-enter the job market. Areas covered include in depth interview techniques and questions, transferable skills assessments, helping to prepare for presentations along with assessment centres - more details
€3,995 - Pathfinder Plus Outplacement 1-2-1 Support
Based upon the Pathfinder, the package provides six 1-2-1 face to face meetings and nine months remote support - more details
€5,995 - Premium Pathfinder Outplacement Support
In addition to the outplacement support detailed within our Pathfinder Plus, this package includes the option of either having a greater number of face to face sessions and 12 months remote support OR the option of having a headhunter actively market an individual to up to 100 companies from a predetermined and agreed list. It is also ideal for individuals living outside of Ireland who are looking to return home or relocate - more details

To contact us telephone: 01 254 2468 (internationally: +353 1 254 2468 ) or email: admin@htr-outplacement.ie

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