About us

About HTR Outplacement Limited

So what makes us different? Our expertise...

All our outplacement consultants are experienced recruitment professionals, each having over 20 years experience in the industry; they are individuals who:

  • understand the job market - private, public and third sector
  • have literally reviewed thousands of CV’s over their careers and know how to optimise a CV for maximum impact
  • interviewed hundreds of people and are expert interview coaches
  • recruited for a vast array of job types across all sectors and numerous disciplines

... who better to provide outplacement support to job seekers?  

Our outplacement consultants are also experts at identifying transferable skills and helping those who are looking at new careers or to change roles or employment sectors.

The support we offer is ‘cutting edge’ focusing on the use of modern technology and sites such as LinkedIn, along with traditional methodology. All telephone support is provided by our outplacement consultants and not a call centre. Our professional expertise is such that we train other organisations advisors and recruitment professionals on CV writing; Interview technique and job search techniques

Our current record for helping an individual achieve employment is 23 hours - they had no CV and not even started to job hunt when we met them. For those looking at self-employment our consultants can advise on: marketing both traditional and online; trading status including setting up limited companies or working as a sole trader; insurance and tax implications; business plans. 

To contact us telephone: 01 254 2468 (internationally: +353 1 254 2468 ) or email: admin@htr-outplacement.ie 

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