Case Studies

Cases studies of companies supported by HTR Outplacement in both Ireland and the UK

Manufacturing site in Central Ireland

Number of production staff being made redundant due to the closure of a site and relocation of the facility to Europe. Running several half day workshops along with individual 1-2-1 sessions where we helped produce for staff CV's from scratch, the exercise was very successful with several staff gaining offers of employment before the end of the programme.   

Support for 40 PA's

A top level service sector organisation had decided to remove all the PAs as partners were requiring their support less and less due to technology. We provided a range of support including centralised workshops and 1-2-1 support to individuals in remote locations. Exercise completed in four weeks.

Housing Association Redeployment Exercise - 1-2-1 CV writing support and a half day interview workshop for 70 staff

Two housing associations merged and as part of the re-selection process, due to the need to downsize several teams, we provided to the individuals affected CV writing guides initially to help staff produce a rough CV. This was followed one hour of 1-2-1 CV writing support where one of our consultants optimised and tailored the CVs produced - in some cases this included producing from scratch a CV. The internal application process was via a CV and supporting statement and as part of the 1-2-1 we also provided guidance on what individuals needed to include in their supporting statements. 

This was followed up by a number of half day interview workshops where we covered in-depth competency based interview preparation, attendees starting to produce scenario based evidence that was reviewed on a 1-2-1 basis in private with the trainer to gain feedback on the content. 

Our support received excellent feedback and helped highlight to the hiring managers the capabilities of staff, whilst boosting the confidence of many of the staff undergoing the re-selection process. 

1-2-1 Support - Pathfinder Service to 10 Staff

International company had been taken over by a larger US based organisation. A number of senior staff were being made redundant over the course of four years. We provided our Pathfinder Support to individuals with all finding new jobs within a six month period, some being highly specialist and looking at very senior roles. The quickest back into work was a main board Director who at 5.00 pm on his last day with the company was offered a new role to start immediately.

1-2-1 Support - Full Day Support

Dublin based charity had to make several staff redundant. Wanting to provide outplacement support, they provided as a half day 1-2-1 session to an individual monitoring the individuals’ feedback. They were so impressed by our support and the effectiveness of the half day they engaged us to work with several other individuals.

Site Closure - 300 Staff

Merging two sites into a new ‘state of the art’ warehouse, HtR was asked to run a number of workshops and 1-2-1 sessions for warehouse, administration and senior management who were not relocating to the new facility. For the warehouse and administration staff the support we delivered was based around two half day workshops supported by 1 hour of individual support per person to cover CV support, self-employment or retirement planning. It also included CV writing from scratch, many of those affected having over 26 years employment with the business. For more senior staff two half day sessions were provided. In addition we actively contacted a number of local employers in order to try and generate job opportunities, this being very successful and identifying 50 suitable vacancies at a new operation setting up close by. 

Local Council - 3 year redundancy programme

Due to budget cuts from central government, we were asked to support a major London Council as staff were released. Running a series of full day workshops and working with individuals on a 1-2-1 basis, we worked with Housing Officers, Play Workers, The Parks Police, and senior staff effectively getting many back into new roles. As this was not ongoing support we were unable to monitor exact results, but are aware from individuals how effective our help was.

New Graduate 1-2-1 Interview Support

Graduating with a 2:1, we were contacted by his parent to provide 1-2-1 interview help. He had been getting interviews for graduate schemes but not being employed. We recommended a full Day session which was delivered 2 days later, prior to another interview he had. Not only did he get offered that trainee role, he was also offered another role a week later. His confidence had been built, but more importantly we had worked with him to develop set interview answers to competency based questions.

Premium Pathfinder

Wanting to return to either Ireland or the UK for personal reasons, HtR was asked to provide our premium pathfinder, our consultants contacting over 150 potential employers in both the UK and Ireland on this individuals’ behalf. In addition we supported with CV writing and interview preparation, including helping to develop a presentation for one of their interviews. Following us contacting the Head of Talent Management for a major UK company, the individuals CV was passed to an external recruiter engaged to fill two roles on their behalf, our client securing interviews at both sites. They were offered one of the positions and returned to the UK. 

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